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“Lock-em up and throw away the key” does not work when over 90% of prisoners, 700,000 each year, will be released and 3 out of 4 of them will commit additional crimes against our friends, families, and fellow citizens.  Despite the best of intentions, our current system is antiquated and demands innovation.


Armed with new skills, knowledge and hope – previously incarcerated and at-risk individuals can transform their lives and are less likely to commit additional crimes.


In addition to increased public safety, the economic return on investment is enormous.  For every $1 spent on empowering at-risk and incarcerated individuals with skills, resources and education to succeed – up to $5 is generated due to avoided incarceration and victims costs, increased child support payments, reduced reliance on government assistance and increased tax revenue.*


Transforming individuals that are at-risk, have been arrested or have already been incarcerated  into a new breed of mindful entrepreneurs can help reduce recidivism, promote public safety, and positively impact the vicious cycle of crime, prison, and violence in low-income communities.


RiseUp Formula: 

RiseUp Formula-01

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*Baylor Institute Special Report: Recidivism Reduction and Return on Investment.